The Big Windmill was a building in FarmVille. It was originally released on October 19th, 2012, along with the Ferris Wheel, Big Barnyard and Bumper Cars. The finished building could be harvested for Coin-icon 5,000 coins or an Unwither.

Building materials & expansion Edit

To build it, you needed to use Windmill Blades, Wooden Cogs and Wooden Shafts. It had 6 stages and needed 334 parts to be fully finished.

Stage / Material
Windmill Blade-icon

Windmill Blade
Wooden Cog-icon

Wooden Cog
Wooden Shaft-icon

Wooden Shaft
Stage 1
Big Windmill Stage 1-icon
8 15 12
Stage 2
Big Windmill Stage 2-icon
8 15 12
Stage 3
Big Windmill Stage 3-icon
12 18 16
Stage 4
Big Windmill Stage 4-icon
16 22 18
Stage 5
Big Windmill Stage 5-icon
20 28 26
Big Windmill-icon
24 34 30


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