Beehive is a functional building in FarmVille that is available at Market. It was released on July 12, 2010. If you logged in on the date it released, you'd get a free Beehive in your gift box. A Beehive can store up to 200 Bees, and 1 Queen Bee. One Beehive takes the space equivalent of one Plot and costs Coin-icon 5,000 coins and gives you XP-icon 10 experience upon purchasing.

  • Some players are allowed to Store up to 202 Bees or 201 Bees.
  • If a beehive is deleted from a farm it must be built again. After rebuilding the farmer will find that the bees, queen and worker, are still there.

Building Edit

Bee Hives require you build them before you can put any bees in them.

Smoker Beeswax Wooden Board Nail Brick
Smoker-icon Beeswax-icon Wooden Board-icon Nail-icon Brick-icon
10 needed 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed

Stages Edit

Frame 50% complete Complete
Beehive Frame-icon Beehive 0-icon Beehive 1-icon

Levels Edit

Empty Growing Buzzing Swarming Teeming Overflowing
Beehive 1-icon Beehive 2-icon Beehive 3-icon Beehive 4-icon Beehive 5-icon Beehive 6-icon
0-9 Bees 10-24 Bees 25-49 Bees 50-99 Bees 100-199 Bees 200 Bees

Bees Edit

A Queen Bee is required for every hive. To get one you can either purchase one in the Market for Cash-icon 10 cash, or plant flowers or fertilize your neighbors' flower crops (0.06% chance). After finding or purchasing the Queen Bee, the farmer can start putting Honeybees into their Beehive. One can buy Honeybees in batches of 5 for Cash-icon 5 cash or you can receive a single Honeybee as a gift. Purchasing Honeybees gives no XP. Selling bees in batches of 5 earns only Coin-icon 50 coins. The hive needs to be checked every other day or bees will begin fleeing your farm.

Harvesting Edit

  • Honeybees allow you to find Pollinated Seeds from fertilized crops. The more honeybees you have, the higher your chances are of finding pollinated seeds.
  • Pollinated seeds unlock special pollinated crops in the Market. Pollinated crops have a higher chance of producing bushels than normal crops and will last for two days.
  • If you have 200 bees, you'll have a 33% chance on harvest to get a Fertilize All for your farm. You can either use it or put it in your Gift Box.
  • When harvested a full beehive yields 600 coins.

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