The Baby Playpen is an Animal Pen on FarmVille. It was originally released on February 14th, 2012. It allows the storing and breeding of baby animals and currently may be placed on all four farms (Home Farm, English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove Farm, and Winter Wonderland). Unlike the Nursery Barn, the Baby Playpen can house all sorts of baby animals, not just foals and calves.

It requires 10 Baby Blankets, 10 Salt Licks and 10 Brushes, to be fully constructed and usable. It can be purchased in the Market for Coin-icon 5 coins, or purchased fully built for Cash-icon 30 cash. As a reward for completing the Baby Playpen, the player receives a Clydesdale Foal as a reward for completing the Baby Playpen.

Initial completion of the Baby Playpen houses 20 baby animals, however is able to be expanded/upgraded twice to contain more baby animals. The first upgrade requires 15 of each material (the same materials required to build it) and adds another 10 slots. The second upgrade requires 30 of each materials and adds another 10 slots. A fully upgraded Baby Playpen can house 40 baby animals.

To get building materials to construct the Baby Playpen you can:

  • Send and receive supplies as free gifts from the gifting page;
  • Use the "Ask For Part" button located when "Looking Inside" your Baby Playpen;
  • Find supplies from the newsfeed from neighbour's sharing posts;
  • Purchase supplies via the market place.

Materials Edit

Baby Blankets Salt Licks Brushs
Baby Blanket-icon Salt Lick II-icon Brush-icon
10 needed 10 needed 10 needed
Expand1, 15 needed Expand1, 15 needed Expand1, 15 needed
Expand2, 30 needed Expand2, 30 needed Expand2, 30 needed

Building Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Baby Playpen Stage 1-icon Baby Playpen Stage 2-icon Baby Playpen Stage 3-icon Baby Playpen Stage 4-icon

Storage Edit

Main article: Baby Playpen Table

Certain animals can be stored and harvested when placed in the Baby Playpen.

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