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The Baby Bourbon Turkey is an animal on FarmVille.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

It was introduced on November 17, 2010, and could be obtained by redeeming 100 Thanksgiving Dishes from the Thanksgiving Feast.

This animal has the option to transform into a Turkey. If left un-transformed, they will not be harvestable.

Please be noted that the Baby Bourbon still undergoes the above characteristics, unlike the Baby Turkey which evolved to a non-transformable animal

Transformation[edit | edit source]

The Baby Turkey transforms in the Turkey after 3 days.

Image Status Update
Turkey transform.png

—Image © Zynga
Player just traded for a Baby Bourbon Turkey and is giving one away in FarmVille!

Storage[edit | edit source]

Turkey Roost

Main article: Turkey Roost

The Baby Bourbon Turkey can be stored in the Turkey Roost. The Turkey Roost can be harvested every 1 day for a chance to get either a Baby Turkey or a Fruit Cake to share.

Mastery[edit | edit source]

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