To earn the Architect ribbon, a farmer must own buildings. To count, they cannot be removed until the ribbon is earned.

It was worth noticing that not all technically constructed buildings count towards this ribbon. For example, an Orchard or a Snowman do not count, while decoration buildings that do not require any materials and are initially finished do, like the Mansion. Therefore your ribbon count might differ very much from your building count that can be seen when hovering over the icon below your farm's name.

The first building (a rest tent) is earned upon reaching level 5. Buildings purchased from the market count toward this ribbon. One of the cheapest way to earn the Blue Ribbon is to buy 30 rest tents from the market. This will cost 30,000 coins and require 120 squares of space. This cost is offset by the coin prizes of the ribbons, see table below.

The very cheapest way to earn the Blue Ribbon is to earn 30 buildings. Upon reaching Level 5, farmers earn a rest tent. This cannot be earned again; however, farmers can earn the mini Pagoda and the wedding Gazebo as many times as they can complete the Stirring Things Up and the Frantic for Flowers co-op jobs in gold time.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Coins Experience
Owned bldgs yellow 500 100
Owned bldgs white 2,500 250
Owned bldgs red 5,000 500
Owned bldgs blue 10,000 1,000

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