The Arbor Day Personality is a voting building in FarmVille. The Arbor Day Personality can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on April 23rd 2013. It had 12 questions, with 2 answers per question.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
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Arbor Day Max Left Answers Arbor Day Max Right Answers
Arbor Day All Left Answers-icon Arbor Day All Right Answers-icon


Question 1Edit

Do I prefer flowery trees or all green trees?
Spring Blossoms Tree-icon Summer Green Tree-icon
Spring Blossoms Tree Summer Green Tree

Question 2Edit

Do I prefer planting trees or watering trees?
Fir Bonsai Tree-icon Barberry Bonsai Tree-icon
Fir Bonsai Tree Barberry Bonsai Tree

Question 3Edit

Do I prefer sitting on a tree trunk or in tree tops?
Tree Trunk Fountain-icon Tree Top Fountain-icon
Tree Trunk Fountain Tree Top Fountain

Question 4Edit

Do I prefer to cuddle with pandas or climb with leopards?
Red Panda Tree-icon Leopard Tree-icon
Red Panda Tree Leopard Tree

Question 5Edit

Do I prefer dinner by a tree or a picnic under a tree?
Summer Night Setting-icon Spring Brunch Picnic-icon
Summer Night Setting Spring Brunch Picnic

Question 6Edit

Do I prefer hedges shaped trees or trees shaped like hedges?
Hedge Tree-icon Squat Hedge Tree-icon
Hedge Tree Squat Hedge Tree

Question 7Edit

Do I prefer awakening trees or hibernating trees?
Warm Seasons Tree-icon A Chilly Seasons Tree-icon
Warm Seasons Tree Chilly Seasons Tree

Question 8Edit

Do I prefer twisted branches or zigzag branches?
Twisted Tree-icon Zigzag Tree-icon
Twisted Tree Zigzag Tree

Question 9Edit

Do I prefer basking in the sun or the cover of the shade?
Bare Branch Arbor-icon Full Foliage Arbor-icon
Bare Branch Arbor Full Foliage Arbor

Question 10Edit

Do I prefer decorating with flowers or foliage?
Flower Dryad Horse-icon Green Dryad Horse-icon
Flower Dryad Horse Green Dryad Horse

Question 11Edit

Do I prefer hardy trees or exotic trees?
Dwarf Blue Spruce Tree-icon Licuala Palm Tree-icon
Dwarf Blue Spruce Tree Licuala Palm Tree

Question 12Edit

Do I prefer forest hikes or beach walks?
Lean To-icon Sand Castle Fort-icon
Lean To Sand Castle Fort

Final RewardEdit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both sides - a Book Of XP.


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