The Aprils Fool Event (2012) was an event on FarmVille. It occurred between March 28th, 2012 and April 18th, 2012. During the event, a number of April's Fool themed items were released.

Items Edit

Image Title Source Cost Category
Mini Goat Tree-icon
Mini Goat Tree Market Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Goat Tree-icon
Goat Tree Market Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Robo Gnome-icon
Robo Gnome Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Ali-H3n-12-icon Ali-H3n-12 Market Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Ninja Robo Dino-icon
Ninja Robo Dino
Market Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Rocket Sheep-icon
Rocket Sheep Market Cash-icon 14 cash Decoration
Racer Sheep-icon
Racer Sheep Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Stallion Flower-icon
Stallion Flower Coin-icon 20 coins Crop
Mustache Horse-icon
Mustache Horse Market Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Cream Pie Cow-icon
Cream Pie Cow Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Monster Octopus II-icon
Monster Octopus Market Cash-icon 14 cash or
Coconut-icon 45,000 coconuts
Giant Ladybug-icon
Giant Ladybug Market Cash-icon 6 cash Animal
Disguised Gnome-icon
Disguised Gnome Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration

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