The April's Fool was an event on FarmVille which started on April 1st, 2011 and lasted until April 5th, 2011. This event celebrated April Fool's Day.

Loading Screen Edit

The loading screen featured an Intergalactic Farm.

Items Edit

Item Image Source
Ninja Robo Dino Ninja Robo Dino-icon Cash-icon 18 cash
Rubber Duckie Rubber Duckie-icon Coin-icon 100,000 coins
Groovy Goat Groovy Goat-icon Cash-icon 14 cash
Pseudocorn Pseudocorn-icon Cash-icon 16 cash
Lake Nessie Lake Nessie-icon Cash-icon 56 cash
Mystery Gnome Mystery Gnome-icon Cash-icon 2 cash
Mystery Outhouse Mystery Outhouse-icon Coin-icon 250,000 coins

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