For the feature that gives mastery signs, see Animal Mastery.

The Animal Mastery Event was an event on FarmVille that began in August 2011. It celebrated the release of the Animal Mastery feature. During this time, Animal Mastery themed items were released.

Items Edit

Black Cherry Horse-icon
Black Cherry Horse
Brown Gypsy Horse-icon
Brown Gypsy Horse
Dales Pony-icon
Dales Pony
Hanoverian Horse-icon
Hanoverian Horse
Icelandic Horse-icon
Icelandic Horse
Irish Cob Horse-icon
Irish Cob Horse
New Forest Pony-icon
New Forest Pony
Palouse Horse-icon
Palouse Horse
Pinto Pony-icon
Pinto Pony
Purple Ponytail Horse-icon
Purple Ponytail
Shire Horse-icon
Shire Horse
Swiss Warmblood-icon
Swiss Warmblood
Yakut Pony-icon
Yakut Pony

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