The Feed Mill and its variants, including the Jade Feed Mill and Winter Feed Mill, are functional buildings in FarmVille. Feed Mills require you to build them. Once built, you can harvest your Feed Mill for Animal Feed. Upgrading the Feed Mill after completion will allow for more feed to be collected from harvest. Its building materials are Belt, Sack and Scoop.

The Feed Mill can be placed on all farms, including the Home Farm, the English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland, Hawaiian Paradise, Jade Falls, and also Haunted Hallow. A fully built Feed Mill can be purchased for Cash-icon 120 cash.

Materials & Construction Edit

Belt Sack Scoop

On December 20th, 2011 it was possible to send the required building materials to neighbors.

Collecting Building Materials can be acquired either by:

  • Sending and receiving from Free Gifts page
  • Friends sharing their progress on constructing their Feed Mill
  • Harvesting their or their neighbors Feed Mill
  • Ask for more using the button found when "Looking Inside" the Feed Mill
  • Purchase directly using Farm Cash

Stages Edit

Initial Purchase Half Constructed Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Animal Feed Mill 1-icon Animal Feed Mill 2-icon Animal Feed Mill 3-icon Animal Feed Mill 4-icon Animal Feed Mill 5-icon Animal Feed Mill 6-icon
0x Belt-icon
0x Sack-icon
0x Scoop-icon
3x Belt-icon
3x Sack-icon
3x Scoop-icon
6x Belt-icon
6x Sack-icon
6x Scoop-icon
12x Belt-icon
12x Sack-icon
12x Scoop-icon
16x Belt-icon
16x Sack-icon
16x Scoop-icon
20x Belt-icon
20x Sack-icon
20x Scoop-icon
0x Animal Feed-icon 0x Animal Feed-icon 1x Animal Feed-icon 2x Animal Feed-icon ?x Animal Feed-icon ?x Animal Feed-icon

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