Animal Feed is a consumable item in FarmVille. It was introduced on October 27, 2010. It can be used to grow Mystery Babies.

Originally, farmers could use the animal feed to fill up their Animal Trough in hopes of attracting wandering animals to adopt. It was viewable in the gift box under the decoration tab, although it could not be placed on the farm.


As of November 3, 2010, Farmers were able to send Animal Feed to their neighbors as a Giftable Item.

It was later available as an alternate harvest from various Animal Pens, including the Aquarium, Livestock Pen, and Baby Nursery.


It could be crafted in various Craftshop buildings via the following recipe:

Ingredients Time Mastery Product
Walnut Basket-icon

Walnut Basket x1
Sunflowers Bushel-icon

Sunflower Bushel x2
Barley Bushel-icon

Barley Bushel x2
4 hours 5/20/40
Animal Feed-icon

Animal Feed x1

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Fuel was awarded for completing portions of the following tasks:

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