A picture of many animals.

Animals are as much a part of farming as growing Crops.

A Farmer can have the animals he wants, there's not a limit. Animals can be purchased in the Market, be received as gifts or be adopted. Animals are never slaughtered, rather products relating to the animal are collected (for example, milk from cows, down feathers from ducks). Certain animals (e.g. cows, horses etc.) can be collected into animal storage buildings to increase total yield.

In the game, animals don't die or get ill. Certain animals, such as foals, calves and fawns can be grown into adults. Note: Not all baby animals can be grown into an adult.


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Unique to FarmVille, lost animals often find their way to a farm. A farmer will have the option of either helping lost animals or sending them away.If a farmer decides to help a lost animal, their neighbors will have the option to adopt the animal and have them on their farm.


Some decorations look like animals; however, because they cannot be harvested, they cannot be called animals. Animal decorations are often given animations. For example, the Lake Nessie is an animal that can not be harvested.


The following ribbons are associated with animals:


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Storage Buildings

Most animals can be stored in animal storage buildings (animal pens). Most animal storage buildings can be harvested after one days. Some animal storage buildings can be harvested every 12 hours. Animals can often be stored in more than one building (e.g. - Black Horse can be stored in the Horse Stable and the Horse Paddock).

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