Anglers Pond is a new mini game in FarmVille. It was originally released on December 4, 2012. It was free to access and you could find it on your home farm down in the bottom corner. You would be transferred over to the new anglers pond where you can fish, collect items for rewards and more.

At this time the only collections that can be completed without using Cash-icon  cash are the Basic Collection and the Boot Collection. All others require a separate Rod (Trout, Bass and Salmon) in order to catch those specific fish.

Free Bait does come around, but it is like energy in that you get a new piece every 15 minutes or so. All in all not too bad, but they are gonna putting the screws to you for the other collections.

When fishing you have a chance on finding Mega Bait. This new Bait can be found in your Tackle Box, under the Bait tab. When fishing with this bait, it will give you 10% increased chance on catching a fish. This bait cannot be bought in the Bait Shop!

On december 24, 2012 all of the Fishing Rods became free for undetermined time. This gave FarmVille players the opportunity to get other Rods, besides the basic rod, and complete their other collections.

Bait Shop Edit

This is the place to buy your Rods, Baits and Extras.

Rods Edit

Trout Rod-icon
Trout Rod
Cash-icon 3 cash
Bass Rod-icon
Bass Rod
Cash-icon 8 cash
Salmon Rod-icon
Salmon rod
Cash-icon 12 cash
This rod gives you access to the Trout Collection. This rod gives you access to the Bass Collection. This rod gives you access to the Salmon Collection.

Baits Edit

Worm x10
Cash-icon 5 cash
Marshmallow Bait-icon
Marshmallow x5
Cash-icon 8 cash
Minnow x5
Cash-icon 20 cash
This bait package gives you 10 casts. This bait package gives you 5 casts and increases your chance of catching a fish by up to 3x. This bait package gives you 5 casts and increases your chance of catching a fish by up to 6x.

Extras Edit

Fish Finder-icon
Fish Finder
Cash-icon 5 cash
This extra gives you a 100%
chance of catching a fish.

Fishing LodgeEdit

This is the place to view your Fish Collections. You can even master catching each fish, and obtain a mastery sign.


To get this collection, you don't need a specific rod. Even the basic rod will do.

Basic Derby Tree-icon
Basic Derby Tree
Anguilla Eel-icon
Anguilla Eel


To get this collection, you need a Trout Rod.

Rainbow Trout-icon
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout-icon
Brown Trout
Lake Trout-icon
Lake Trout
Brook Trout-icon
Brook Trout
Trout Derby Tree-icon
Trout Derby Tree
Golden Rainbow Trout-icon
Golden Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout-icon
Cutthroat Trout
Dolly Varden Trout-icon
Dolly Varden Trout


To get this collection, you need a Bass Rod.

Small Mouth Bass-icon
Small Mouth Bass
Large Mouth Bass-icon
Large Mouth Bass
White Bass-icon
White Bass
Striped Bass-icon
Striped Bass
Bass Derby Tree-icon
Bass Derby Tree
Spotted Bass-icon
Spotted Bass
Rock Bass-icon
Rock Bass
Redeye Bass-icon
Redeye Bass
Suwanee Bass-icon
Suwanee Bass


To get this collection, you need a Salmon Rod.

Chum Salmon-icon
Chum Salmon
Atlantic Salmon-icon
Atlantic Salmon
Pink Salmon-icon
Pink Salmon
Smoked Salmon-icon
Smoked Salmon
Salmon Derby Tree-icon
Salmon Derby Tree
Coho Salmon-icon
Coho Salmon
Sockeye Salmon-icon
Sockeye Salmon
White King Salmon-icon
White King Salmon
Chinook Salmon-icon
Chinook Salmon

Boot Edit

To get this collection, you need to finish the others first.

Work Boot-icon
Work Boot
Rubber Boot-icon
Rubber Boot
Furry Boot-icon
Furry Boot
Hiking Boot-icon
Hiking Boot
Derby Boot Tree-icon
Derby Boot Tree
Snow Boot-icon
Snow Boot
Motorcycle Boot-icon
Motorcycle Boot
Knee-high Boot-icon
Knee-high Boot
Cowboy Boot-icon
Cowboy Boot


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