Sometimes, farmers will have the chance to adopt an animal. When they do this, they will receive the animal in their Gift Box and will then be able to use it on their farm.

Lost Animals Edit

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The most common animals adopted by farmers are lost animals. These animals will wander onto a farmer's farm at random times during game play. When a farmer finds a lost animal, they have the option to help it or send it away. If they choose to help it, any of their neighbors will be able to adopt the animal. After a short period of time, the animal may no longer be adopted. It has also occurred that multiple farmers have been able to adopt 1 animal. It is not known if this glitch has been fixed.

Mystery Eggs Edit

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With the release of the Chicken Coop also came mystery eggs. These are eggs found in the Chicken Coop by farmers. Like lost animals, farmers who find these can share them with neighbors. A neighbor can then choose to hatch the egg to receive either a decoration or animal as a reward.

Animal pensEdit

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When a player harvests various animal storage buildings, players can sometimes find an animal to send to their wall for adoption.


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Can be found when harvesting Baby Playpens, Horse Paddocks, or Horse Stables.


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Can be found when harvesting Baby Playpens, Cow Pastures, or Dairy Farms.


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Can be found when harvesting Dream Deer Woods.

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