A Beach to Walk On
A Beach to Walk On-icon

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Goal Information
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Description With your help I think we can get the neighbors squared away and also help Roland with his restaurant.
Currency Rewards Coin-icon 2,500 coins
Item reward(s) Sailor Cow & Seeder
Sharing Bonus(es):
Item Steel Beam
Series Lighthouse Cove Quest
Come Ashore! A Beach to Walk On A Quick Tour

A Beach to Walk On is the second mission of the Lighthouse Cove series. To complete it, the player needs to:

Supply Box-icon
Get 6 Supply Boxes Skip for Cash-icon  cash
Darrow Blackberry-icon
Harvest 45 Darrow Blackberries Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash
Place the Restaurant Cannot Skip

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