The 7-Eleven Promotion is an event in FarmVille that was released on May 21, 2010 and lasted through July 15 , 2010. 7 Eleven and Zynga games teamed up to offer exclusive gifts with purchase at select 7 Eleven Stores for players of FarmVille and other Zynga games. When a player redeems a code during this event purchased from 7 Eleven, they unlocked the Goji Berry which they could plant to master and unlock the Uber Gift which rewarded you 200 FarmCash.

Game Prizes Edit

These items are awarded after a specific purchase of 7 Eleven Products when the codes on the packages are entered at

Image Item Type
Goji Berry-icon Goji Berry Seed
Neapolitan Cow-icon Neapolitan Cow Animal
Neapolitan Calf-icon Neapolitan Calf Animal
Fun Slide-icon Fun Slide Decoration
Persimmon Tree-icon Persimmon Tree Tree
Coffee Cart-icon Coffee Cart Decoration
Sandwich Cart-icon Sandwich Cart Decoration
Big Splash-icon Big Splash Decoration
Seven Eleven Tower-icon Seven Eleven Tower Decoration

Goji Berries Edit

Main article: Goji Berry

The Goji Berry is a masterable fruit crop that is unlocked when you enter your first prize code. In addition to giving the farmer the usual mastery sign, completing the third level of mastery of this crop unlocks the ÜBER Gifts

ÜBER Gifts Edit


200 Farm Cash

The ÜBER Gifts are a group of three gifts, one per participating game, that can be unlocked through participating in the promotion. For FarmVille, the ÜBER Gift is 200 Farm Cash. To unlock the ÜBER Gifts, you must:

  • enter 9 promotion codes from different products. If you redeem a game card from any one of the three participating games, it counts as two code slots instead of one towards the ÜBER gift. The number of codes that must be redeemed varies between the participating games.
  • complete at least one in-game task (of which there are three - one per participating game). For FarmVille, the in-game task is mastering the third level of the Goji Berry.

Notes Edit

  • Neapolitan Calf cannot be directly won by redeeming the code from a 7-Eleven product, but must be obtained through breeding using the normal game methods.
  • Goji Berries are a crop that is unlocked after entering any FarmVille code.
  • Items with codes are available only at participating 7-Eleven stores in the United States & Canada. FarmVille players living in other countries, or in parts of the United States and Canada without a participating store are, per the rules, ineligible to redeem codes (although many technically ineligible people have reported having no problem redeeming codes).
  • Players are limited to a total of 10 codes redeemed per day.
  • Players are limited to a total of 3 of a given gift per day.
  • Players are limited to 1 set of Uber Gifts per account.

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