The 4th Birthday (2013 event) was an event on FarmVille. It was originally started on May 20, 2013 and lasted until June 18, 2013. Due 4th birthday celebration FarmVille gave players new gift each day during 30 days. If you miss to claim some gift you can bought it with Cash-icon  cash. Each week have rewards that are characteristic to some FarmVille year - week 1 rewards are specific to FarmVille year 1 and so on.

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Image Item Name Source Cost Type Additional Info
4th Birthday Cupcake Cow-icon
4th Birthday Cupcake Cow free, Market Cash-icon 20 cash animal released on May 20, 2013
FarmVille launched on June 20, 2009
4th Birthday Candle Tree-icon
4th Birthday Candle Tree free, Market Cash-icon 10 cash tree released on May 21, 2013
Over 37 million Farmers have 'liked' the Farmville fan page on Facebook!
10x Fuel refills free, Market Cash-icon 25 cash consumable released on May 22, 2013
In the last year, 400 billion crops have been planted in FarmVille!
Atlantis Buildable Part Package-icon
Atlantis Buildable Part Package free, Market Cash-icon 20 cash consumable released on May 23, 2013
The first animal non typically found on farms to appear in the game was an Elephant!
Fertilize All-icon
Fertilize All free, Market Cash-icon 7 cash consumable released on May 24, 2013
In 2012, 160,000 tractors sold in the US compared to 330,000 purchased by FV farmers!
4th Birthday Bush-icon
4th Birthday Bush free, Market Cash-icon 2 cash decoration released on May 25, 2013
More then 31 Million farmers have played in a single day!
Mystery Game Dart-icon
2x Mystery Game Darts free, Market Cash-icon 34 cash consumable released on May 26, 2013
Zynga employees can bring their dogs to work. Art for some dogs in the game is based on real-life office dogs!
4th Birthday Party Tree-icon
4th Birthday Party Tree free, Market Cash-icon 10 cash tree released on May 27, 2013
Our game studio is decorated with real world versions of our favorite FarmVille trees!
Watering Can-icon
20x Watering Cans free, Market Cash-icon 13 cash consumable released on May 28, 2013
The technical term for an item that pops up and floats away when you click on something in FV is a 'goober'.
3x Unwithers free, Market Cash-icon 12 cash consumable released on May 29, 2013
Players planted over 750 million Dream Cotton crops in Enchanted Glen.
4th Birthday Chicken-icon
4th Birthday Chicken free, Market Cash-icon 18 cash animal released on May 30, 2013
There have been almost 5,000 unique animals released into FarmVille!
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers-icon
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers free, Market NA consumable released on May 31, 2013
In 2011, Lady Gaga premiered her 'Born This Way' album in FarmVille!
Sunlight and Mushroom Package-icon
Sunlight and Mushroom Package free, Market Cash-icon 60 cash consumable released on June 1, 2013
Over 2 million trolls were freed in the Enchanted Glen expansion and farmers rescue thousands more every day!
10x Farmhands free, Market Cash-icon 35 cash consumable released on June 2, 2013
In the early days of FarmVille, visiting a neighbor required you to shoo away pesky crows.
4th Birthday Mare-icon
4th Birthday Mare free, Market Cash-icon 26 cash animal released on June 3, 2013
Over 20,000 horses were created using the Horse Studio on its first day!
4th Birthday Sheep-icon
4th Birthday Sheep free, Market Cash-icon 16 cash animal released on June 4, 2013
FarmVille has over 300 different types of sheep!
4th Birthday Bouncy House-icon
4th Birthday Bouncy House free, Market Cash-icon 8 cash decoration released on June 5, 2013
In 2012 famed driver Jeff Gordon drove a special FarmVille Nascar as part of 'AARP's drive to end Hunger'.
Instagrow Potion-icon
3x Instagrow Potions free, Market Cash-icon 30 cash consumable released on June 6, 2013
FarmVille farmers planted more then 24 million bushels of corn in April 2013!
4th Birthday Bedazzled Horse-icon
4th Birthday Bedazzled Horse free, Market Cash-icon 26 cash animal released on June 7, 2013
Zynga is actually named after one of the company founders' American bulldog, Zynga!
10x Arborists free, Market Cash-icon 28 cash consumable released on June 8, 2013
It was a tradition to teams who worked on a big feature, like an expansion, to wear crazy themed hats the day of released.
Atlantis Treasure Parts Package-icon
Atlantis Treasure Parts Package free, Market Cash-icon 30 cash consumable released on June 9, 2013
Over 75,000 Whales inhabit the farms of FarmVille, with nearly half on Atlantis!
Book of XP-icon
Book of XP free, Market Cash-icon 75 cash consumable released on June 10, 2013
Thanks to you, in 2012, FarmVille raised over 780,000 dollars for charity!
4th Birthday Cake Pop Tree-icon
4th Birthday Cake Pop Tree free, Market Cash-icon 10 cash tree released on June 11, 2013
In 2010, 7-11 stores released the exclusive FarmVille Vanilla Ice Cream.
20x Fuel refills free, Market Cash-icon 40 cash consumable released on June 12, 2013
As many as 5 corgis (Chester, Gus, Loki, Daisy and Posey) can be found roaming the FarmVille studio halls.
4th Birthday Gnome-icon
4th Birthday Gnome free, Market Cash-icon 12 cash decoration released on June 13, 2013
In the last year, players have allowed over 1.1 million gnomes to take up residence in FarmVille!
4th Birthday Party Horse-icon
4th Birthday Party Horse free, Market Cash-icon 26 cash animal released on June 14, 2013
Limited Edition items have been part of FarmVille since October 2009. Some of the earliest themes have resurfaced as expansion farms!
Australian Vineyard Parts Package-icon
Australian Vineyard Parts Package free, Market Cash-icon 20 cash consumable released on June 15, 2013
FarmVille released its first expansion 'English Countryside' in March 2011
4th Birthday Cotton Candy Tree-icon
4th Birthday Cotton Candy Tree free, Market Cash-icon 10 cash tree released on June 16, 2013
FarmVille Farmers hail from over 215 different countries on 6 continents, and speak at least 20 different languages.
4th Birthday Unicorn-icon
4th Birthday Unicorn free, Market Cash-icon 30 cash animal released on June 17, 2013
The first fantasy animal released in FarmVille was a Halloween Plant Monster!
4th Birthday Pegacorn-icon
4th Birthday Pegacorn free, Market Cash-icon 32 cash animal released on June 18, 2013
During the month of March 2013, over 250 million people played a Zynga game! We appreciate the support!


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