Vache brune
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Brown Cows are lost animals that wander onto farms. Farmers have the option to help the animal or send it away. By helping it, it becomes available for a farmer's neighbors to adopt. A brown cow takes 1 day to grow, however, unlike a regular cow, it produces chocolate milk, worth 12 coins.

A brown cow can also be found in a Mystery Gift.

Other Versions Modifier

Cows can be purchased from the market and pink cows can be adopted from other farmers. These produce milk and strawberry milk, respectively. Then Alien Cows could be brought for a limited time, and are lime green in color while producing a substance called Milktonium.

Containment Modifier

Dairy Farm can be purchased and can hold 20 cows of any type, including brown cows.

Adoption Modifier

Modèle:Main Brown Cows are available for adoption. Modèle:Status

Breeding Modifier

Modèle:Main A Brown calf can be bread in a Dairy Farm with the following combination:

Image Combination Parental Status Update
Fichier:Brown Baby Calf Born.png [[Fichier:{{{Mère}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{Mère}}}]] + [[Fichier:{{{Père}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{Père}}}]] Player was tending their cows when an adorable Brown Baby Calf caught their
eye! This Brown Baby Calf is already eager to explore the world on their own
and is looking for a new home.

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