Poule dorée
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Parents Black Chicken or Golden Chicken

Golden Chickens are animals available on FarmVille. They take 1 day to grow and produce golden eggs, which can be collected by a farmer for 64 coins. A Golden Chicken can be received as a possible reward from a Black Mystery Egg or Golden Mystery Egg. On 25 November you could buy them at the market for 25 FarmCash. They are most likely based off of a Golden Leghorn Chicken, a coloring that is unheard of.

Containment Modifier

A Chicken Coop can be purchased and can hold up to 60 golden, black, brown or white chickens in any mix. Golden Chickens can also be found in the Holiday Christmas tree as a present.

Other Versions Modifier

There are also White, Black, and Brown chickens which can be obtained through Mystery Eggs or purchased in the Market for FarmCash. They are also available in 6th Generation Mystery Boxes.