Venter à Monnaies 1,500 Pièces

The Moissonneuse is a Vehicule available on FarmVille. It can harvest an area of up to 2x2 plots at the cost of 4 fuel, or 1 fuel per plot. Moissonneuses are useful to farmers who have very large fields, as it saves considerable time harvesting crops, as each crop plot does not need to be harvested individually. A Moissonneuse is best used on crops that can be difficult to quickly click on, for example Asparagus, Sugar Cane, and Sunflowers. One can of fuel will harvest an area of 150 plots. The Moissonneuse is wider than the Tracteur or the Semoir.

There is also a special Hot Rod Moissonneuse that harvests a larger area, and a Lucky Moissonneuse (Green) that was available during St. Patrick's Day Event in 2010.