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Transformation de Baby-Dindon

Turkeys are obtained from Baby Turkeys. When a farmer harvests a Baby Turkey, it will transform into a Turkey. A Baby Turkey transforms into a Turkey after 3 days, like the Ugly Duckling. It is based off the real world domestic turkey.

A Turkey takes 2 days to grow. After this time, they may be harvested to give a farmer feathers worth 80 coins.

Transformation Modifier

The Baby Turkey evolves into the Turkey after 3 days. Modèle:Status

Alternate Versions Modifier

The Turkey is the adult form of the Baby Turkey. The Wild Turkey is a non-domesticated version of the Turkey. A Turkey looks similar to a Wild Turkey, with different colouration (they have feathers which are deeper brown, their necks are brown, where the Wild Turkey's neck is red and their tail feathers are a deeper brown).

Appearances Modifier

The turkey can be seen as a head on the Animal Float.