Broutard rose
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Parents Bull & Pink Cow

The Pink Calf or Pink Baby Calf is the offspring of the Bull and the Pink Cow. When you collect milk from your Dairy Farm (with 1 Bull and at least 1 Pink Cow) there is a chance to collect a Pink Calf, which can be shared with your friends.

Pink Baby Calf can be sold for 120 coins.

Adoption Modifier

Modèle:Main A Pink calf can be adopted from a status, like that of a Lost Animal, only when your neighbor breeds the following:

Image Combination Parental Status Update
Fichier:Pink Baby Calf Born.png [[Fichier:{{{Mère}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{Mère}}}]] + [[Fichier:{{{Père}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{Père}}}]] Player was tending their cows when an adorable Pink Baby Calf caught their eye! This Pink Baby Calf is already eager to explore the world on their own and is looking for a new home.

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