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To breed Foals, a farmer must have a completed Horse Stable and it must contain at least 1 Horse or Pony and 1 Stallion. The Horses may be Brown, Gray, Pinto, Percheron or a Clydesdale, the ponies are Mini Pony and Pink-Hair Pony; and the Stallions may be wandering or permanent. Having more of one color Horse will increase the chance of the respective Baby Foal being found; however it is to note that Horse Spectator, High Kick Horse, Mini Pony and the Pink-Hair Pony all yield brown foals. If there is a White Stallion in the stable, there is a chance of finding a White Foal (since March 31st). When collecting from the Horse Stable, the farmer will be alerted if a Baby Foal was born. Each Baby Foal cannot be kept by the farmer, but becomes available for up to 5 farmer's neighbor to adopt.


Sire Dam Offspring
Fichier:Wandering Stallion-icon.png
Wandering Stallion
Fichier:White Stallion-icon.png
White Stallion
Brown Foal
Fichier:High Kick Horse-icon.png
High Kick Horse
Fichier:Horse Spectator-icon.png
Cheval spectateur
Fichier:Grey Horse-icon.png
Cheval gris
Fichier:Grey Foal-icon.png
Grey Foal
Fichier:Pinto Horse-icon.png
Cheval pie
Fichier:Pinto Foal-icon.png
Pinto Foal
Fichier:Clydesdale Foal-icon.png
Clydesdale Foal
Fichier:Percheron Foal-icon.png
Percheron Foal
Fichier:Mini Pony-icon.png
Mini Pony
Fichier:Brown Pony Foal-icon.png
Brown Pony Foal
Fichier:Pink-Hair Pony-icon.png
Pink-Hair Pony
Fichier:Pink Pony Foal-icon.png
Pony Pony Foal
Fichier:White Stallion-icon.png
White Stallion
Any Horse/Pony
Fichier:White Foal-icon.png
White Foal


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