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• 3/31/2018

Farm Dog

How do you find your farm dog and feed him?
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This post is locked.
• 11/27/2017

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• 2/20/2017

Where's the inventory?

When I try to get the bushels I need to make something from my neighbors it says I can't get them because my inventory is full. Where is my inventory? How do I get to it?
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• 1/25/2017

Where do the bushels go?

When neighbors are offering bushels, feed, water, that sort of thing, I get all but the bushels. It says I got them. So where'd they go? I go to make something and I don't have it.
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• 7/24/2016

Image policy

This article is official FarmVille Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.
Certain images may be uploaded to the Farmville Wiki. Please be sure to follow these guidelines when using, editing or uploading images.

Contents[show]Using images
Images may be added to an article to make it more attractive, easy to use and to explain things that words cannot.

Images used must be relevant to the article they appear on. If there is a section on a page that is related to something else (and the section is relevant to the article, as defined by the Style Guide, an image relevant to that may be used. For example, there should not be an image of a Grain Silo on the Watermelon page. However, if there is a relevant section on Grain Silos in the Watermelon article, an image including a Grain Silo image may be added to that section.

Although images can be used on a article with great effect, the number of images must not be excessive. Generally, on a short article, only one image is needed. If an article is longer, more images may be added, so long as they are relevant and do not crowd the page. On shorter articles with a template (for example, decoration articles), non-infobox images are not always necessary.

Location, size and style
Generally, images should be posted on the right hand side, as a thumbnail. Ideally, they should have a caption that gives a short description of the image. In some circumstances, the image may be place on the left. However, this should only be done rarely.

Some articles may have a gallery at the bottom of the page. A gallery should be used if there are many relevant pictures that do not comfortably fit on a page. Pictures added to a gallery must remain relevant to the article. Except on an editors own user-page, a gallery should never be for personal use and should only be used to improve the quality of the article. All images in a gallery must be allowed under the Images Policy and must all contribute to the article. Simply having multiple images of the same object does not constitute contributing to the article - each image must have a purpose.

Editors may upload images to the Wiki.

Appropriate images
All images uploaded must be appropriate and legal. This means that no adult content, pornography, illegal images or images promoting illegal activity should be uploaded. In addition to this, all images must be relevant to FarmVille and have a use on the Wiki. Any images that do not follow these rules will be deleted without notice. In the case of illegal or adult content, the offending account may be reported to Wikia Staff for further review.

Copyright status
All images must adhere to current copyright law. Copyright images must adhere to the {{fairuse}} license or show written proof of {{permission}}. All copyright images must include appropriate attribution (e.g. - © Zynga).

Image format
The format of any image should be png. Not only does this keep images consistent with others on the Wiki, it ensures that no problems arise from using other formats. If another image in another format is uploaded, it should be replaced with a png image as soon as possible.

Image names
Images should be named consistently.
Image names are case sensitive. Image names should be capitalised according to the style guide. This means that, unless an item is capitalized differently in game, only the first letter should be capitalized. The format should always remain uncapitalised by default.
Image names should also be pluralized according to the style guide - names should be kept singular unless they are pluralized in game.

If an image is a market icon of an image, it should be named {Item name}-market info.png. This keeps images consistent and ensures all image templates work.
Personal images
The FarmVille Wiki is not an image hosting service. However, a limited number of small personal images are allowed on a person's userpage. Please keep them all appropriate, and tag them all with Category:User image. Excessive user images will be deleted without notice.

Duplicate images
Before uploading an image, editors should check to ensure a similar image does not already exist. If a duplicate image is uploaded, it should be deleted. You can nominate a duplicate image for deletion using {{Speedy | Duplicate image }}. If a user wishes to upload a newer version of an image, they may do so by clicking the 'Upload a new version of this file' button.

Where an image is of a single object, it should be transparent. This means that is has no background at all - not even a white background. When the image is of a landscape or shows many items at once, it may remain non-transparent.

Images must contain what they are representing, and nothing more. For example, an image of strawberries must contain strawberries. The image must not have extra, unnecessary objects. An image of strawberries should not contain strawberries surrounded by pineapples. Images may not be used to show off (whether accidentally or on purpose). If an image contains excessive items or shows a players level or wealth, it should be replaced with a more appropriate image. The only exception is where the subject of the image requires the image to 'show off' (for example, an experience bar).
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• 7/24/2016

Deletion policy

This article is official FarmVille Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.
This is the deletion policy currently in effect on FarmVille Wiki.

Contents[show]Marking pages for deletion
If you see a page that you think should be deleted, mark it with {{Delete | reason }}.
If the page is vandalism or false, use {{Speedy | reason }}.
Pages will be deleted if they meet the following criteria:

Poor-content pages
PCP-1: Any other page with not enough content to be worth keeping that cannot be expanded.
PCP-2: Page with no sources and unconfirmed information.
PCP-2: An unused category, with no pages or subcategories.
VND-1: Blatant vandalism page.
VND-2: Page created as an advertisement.
VND-3: Page created with entirely false info.
VND-4: Nonsense page.
Community-deleted pages
CDP-1: Community voted for page to be deleted.
CDP-2: Copyright violation.
CDP-3: Author requested deletion.
CDP-4: Duplicate page.
RD-1: Unused redirect.
RD-2: Broken redirect.
RD-3: Redirect left from pagemove.
CMN-1: Offensive language
CMN-2: Off topic/irrelevant post
CMN-3: Flaming other users
CMN-4: Spam
IMG-1: User image, shouldn't be on the wiki.
IMG-2: Copyright violations, image of a unreleasted set.
IMG-3: Misnamed file.
IMG-4: Duplicate/superseeded file.
Deletion warnings
When a page is deleted with only one contributor, the only editor of the page should be given a deletion warning:

{{DW | page deleted | deletion reason | ~~~~ }}
When a file is deleted, the uploader should be given a file deletion warning:

{{FDW | file deleted | deletion reason | ~~~~ }}
When a comment is deleted, the poster should be given a commend deletion warning:

{{CDW | page on which comment was deleted | deletion reason | ~~~~ }}
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• 7/24/2016

Updates to Current Policies and Style Guidelines

This article is official FarmVille Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.
All users MUST follow the rules at terms of use and Privacy Policy
Assume Good Faith
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• 5/4/2016
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• 2/17/2016

decorations on my barn

how do i decorate my barn. my friends barn has balloons and a golden guitar on it
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• 2/17/2016

Storing/Managing Bushels

How do I get bushels from bushel report to storage? Into crafting silo so I can craft with what I've gotten?
I'm a little frustrated with allocating my crops' yield. I can see it in the "bushel report," but this seems to be more geared towards the performance of the current crop. I'm worried I'm losing bushels where I could be storing them. 
I would like to be able to have a place where I can see/have all my bushels. Can't I do this? I would also specifically like to be able to put bushels I am trying to make into my crafting silo, so that I can be sure I am making progress on working towards certain crafting items I need, i.e. wooden boards for my sheep pen. 
I can see some bushels I've gotten in my market stall, but there are bushels under "Yield" in the bushel report that are not in the market stall. Does the amount of yield not correspond with the amount of bushels I make? 
I appreciate any help.
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• 5/6/2015

does farmville clubs still exist?

I have started playing again after a few years and I cannot find the clubs anywhere. 
Do they still exsist and are they worth joining
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• 7/2/2015


how to get soupcan crop?
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• 5/31/2015

how do i get the calves and foals to grow up

have way to many of them ready to sell them all
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• 7/13/2014
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• 6/26/2014

what is the anchor for?

what is the achor for?
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• 6/21/2014

Crops vs.Super Crops

hi..just wondering if I plant(for example)Super Morning Glory's....Is that the same as Morning Glory's? Because to craft a Farmhand or Arborist it requires those 2 be planted,but I keep planting the regular Morn.Glory's...but can I plant the SUPER M.Glory's instead?
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• 6/18/2014

unlock crops

does anyone know how to unlock the crops that say unlock instead of buy i need to plant them but not sure how to unlock them
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• 5/18/2014

Cash Cow

Dear Forum,
I wanted to ask you guys whether the Cash Cow's daily or Weekly Cash which is ready to be collected can be stored in the Cow for a long time, or the cash disappears and then cannot be collected.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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• 3/25/2014

Bloom Garden Postings on Farmville Wiki

What's This? I'm not sure what those two game posting screens are or where they came from ... but I'm fairly sure they are not really what they should be.   I was thinking of updating Bloom Garden items on Wiki since I worked on some of these on my farm today.  However, this bloom section of wiki needs more help than I am currently willing to invest as a rookie editor.   I changed the template for Purple Carnation and found 2 errors in the template which I fixed for the carnation but not in the general bloom template.  If that template is corrected,  I may return with the idea of updating more entries.  Thanks for your attention and upcoming corrections.
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• 3/6/2014

shopping cart

How do you buy stuff in farmville for real cash? is it like amazon?
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